The AKP Retreat is a workshop event designed for the wanderlust creative. Our goal is to bring together a diverse group of women, enable connections, provide information, empower businesses, and nurture relationships. All this, while seeing the world. Join our squad and sign up for the next adventure, today.

We value your investment. We want each attendee to have the best experience possible. We encourage you to take advantage of disconnecting from the world and reconnecting with what makes you such a valuable, unique entrepreneur. We're here to encourage you, uplift you, and cheer you on!  


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behind the scenes

:: open invitations
:: real life versus the highlight reel
:: diversity
:: health & mental wellness
:: killer swag
:: community give-back
:: sweet stuff
:: ugly cries
:: cute PJ's
:: self-love
:: hugging it out

What we're about:

Retreat yo'self

:: female empowerment
:: better business
:: lavish details
:: tossing confetti
:: late night chats
:: passion for education
:: goal getting
:: sisterhood
:: cheerleading
:: travel
:: getting creative

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meet the squad

We believe that the best way to teach is to provide fresh views, new content, a diverse group of leaders, and to constantly change our curriculum to adapt. We are always in search of new leaders. If you're interested in becoming a member of our creative team, we encourage you to attend first so we can get to know you, personally.

the akp SQUAD

join our squad...


• 25 boss ladies and counting.
• Built of photographers, wedding planners, videographers, hair & make up artists, calligraphers, and more!
• Squad combinations vary per location.
• Members are "promoted" from within, having attended first.
• The "AKP Squad" is Taylor Swift inspired.
• There have been five previous travel workshops.
• Our squad is heading to Nashville next in March 2017.

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