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I’ve spent a lot of time (and money!) on my educational journey, and each experience has given me at least one golden nugget… and some less shiny things, too. But through all of it, I’ve learned that wedding photography is a lot more than the press of a shutter. It’s a little good lighting, lots of patience, tons of fun, and even more confidence in your skills. But what’s a lady like you to do when you’re feeling not-so-hot in your business, even though you’re doing what you love?

Invest in yo’self. 

It’s kind of like treating yourself, but with someone who wants to help you on the path to becoming your best boss lady self. That someone is me! There’s a big world of workshops, self-help books, and quick schemes out there, but I believe in simpler promises. I believe in supporting your business as much as you do, and encouraging you through any storms that might come your way. You’re in this for the long haul, and I’m right there with you. Pinky promise.

You + Me



Slay Squad

There are three ways to mentor with me!

Whether you're just starting out and want to learn how to turn your passion into a business, or if you're in a creative dry spell and need some encouragement to get to the next level, I have just the mentor session for you.

 You + Me

It doesn’t get more personal than this. Get your swimsuit ready, because we’re diving deep into your business. Starting with an extensive questionnaire that gives me an up close look at where you are now, and all the places you want to go. Then we can figure out the perfect next steps. We’ll talk strengths, struggles, and all the moments in between over Zoom so you can stay in your comfy pants while we create a clear to-do list that you are excited to tackle.

Investment: $200/HR

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Slay Squad

Ok ladies, now let’s get in slay squad formation. Six months of one-on-one and group coaching means productivity and accountability will be at an all-time high. There aren’t any sweet dance moves (yet!) but you’ll be able to consider your business pain points erased, with fresh new strategies in place to kick your biz into high gear. With only four people per squad, it’s personal, intimate, and ongoing. Let's make Beyonce proud.  

Investment: $300/Month OR $1,400/6 Months

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AKP Retreat

Bond with your new business BFFs while learning the in’s and out’s of a productive workflow, marketing your biz, and a few more trade secrets... all in a way that gets you excited to elevate your business. I’ve hosted over 11 retreats, full of laughter and inspiring lady bosses. Will you be with us on the next one?

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Pssst! There’s also the Branded Boss Experience!

Quick question. Are you showing off that dazzling personality of yours and using it as a valuable marketing tool in your business? Nowadays, potential clients want to see more than just want you offer, they want to know all about who you are. Let go of that ‘I’ll-just-be-behind-the-scenes’ vibe that’s holding you back and join the Branded Boss Experience so you can feel confident sharing who you are. This two hour portrait session includes you and me, blasting the music while a glam fam does your hair and makeup, and tons of images for the season to come. Did someone say T. Swift?

Investment: $750

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